Our platform exploits blockchain technology for healthcare. It enables trusted collaboration of stakeholders and empowers consumers – we call it mPowerblox.

Platform Data Features

mPowerblox uses blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology

mPowerblox uses blockchain technology to enable secure, immutable storage of information and transaction ledger. Our platform ensures both off blockchain data and on blockchain data work together in unison and supports build-your-own apps and portals utilizing the same APIs and both structured and unstructured data.

mPowerblox supports seamless conversion


 Our platform is interoperable, integrates and organizes health information and provides the ability to facilitate its instant distribution among all authorized entities involved. mPowerblox supports seamless conversion between EDI and FHIR transaction standards, FHIR APIs, data ingestion and portals.

mPowerblox leverages HIPAA


mPowerblox leverages HIPAA (EDI) transaction code sets and (FHIR) compliant APIs to enable real-time healthcare transactions and generate transparent agreements between stakeholders. It supports Oauth2 authorization and authentication.

mPowerblox Platform Overview

Platform Capabilities

Supply Chain Collaboration

Our platform’s collaboration features enable a number of supply chain use cases involving providers, payers, employers and other healthcare stakeholders. mPowerblox provides transparency and at the same time, protects the doctor-patient confidentiality and privacy as it enables the efficiencies across the supply chain.

Clinical Data Exchange

mPowerblox implements a unique data model that establishes strict ownership, granular data sharing and audit of data access, which is vital in giving consumers, family caregivers and providers the ability to retrieve, store and share Electronic Health Records (EHR). Our platform also enables consumer consent recording and management.


Financial & Administrative Transactions

mPowerblox is designed to support real-time financial and administrative transactions across stakeholders to improve the speed and efficiency of revenue cycle while reducing friction. It provides pre-built integrations with provider EHR and payer systems. A range of pre-built use cases including payment collection at the point of care and real-time payments by consumers and payers are available.

Cures Act Interoperability

Our platform is interoperable and integrates and organizes health information. mPowerblox provides the ability to facilitate instant distribution among all authorized entities involved. The technology behind our platform ensures all patient, EOB, provider directory, payer clinical data, payer-to-payer data exchange and price transparency data flows seamlessly and automatically. supporting seamless conversion between EDI and FHIR transaction standards

Trust and Transparency

mPowerblox uses blockchain technology to enable secure, immutable storage of information and transaction ledger to facilitate trusted digital engagement across payers, providers, consumers and other stakeholders. This trust framework is leveraged to bring transparency of clinical, administrative and financial transactions across stakeholders while ensuring role based access controls.


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